SEARCHING FOR YOU IN THE CROCODILE DIMENSION Structured improvisation questioning the relationship to an other through a playful, worrysome, and intriguing trip. 

Third part of a choreographical process MEMORYBOXin

Une improvisation structurée pour cette troisième partie de recherche autour de la relation à l'autre. Un voyage ludique, inquiétant et intrigant.

Atelier / répétition au CMA 11 le 6/07/2018


Riina / ANIMAL



première et dernière répétition de MEMORYBOXin à l'auditorium du CMA 11..

en costumes ! Part 1 


We are preparing new material and soon we will show it in FINLAND :

MEMORYBOXin is a performance for two female dancers, who find their way in a spatial order through diverse rituals : measures, manipulations, adaptations, memories. They create relationships with external forms and forces.

They try to identify themselves not only through the similarity but also through the differences, trying to be aware of the sense of « oneness » in the observable world.

In - Exhibition Laboratory, Merimiehenkatu 36, EIRA 0015...


à l'auditorium.. 


répétition petite salle cma11.. transition manipulation / lightness.. légèreté, chutes, silences.. 

RUBIT CUBE ! was first shown in this beautiful Auditorium of Paris city 11th district conservatory. We invited some people to give us feedback.

We presented first 10 minutes in Hambourg Germany, in automne 2015 and now we will show it soon in Finland, in october 2016. 

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...au fil des répétitions

la cie kivitasku danse contemporaine 

159 rue de charonne 75011 Paris, France

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